Subject : « We were born the same year, both of us, and that year only two Valery were born. I checked, you know. That’s us. So if you want, now we become each other’s future ». 

Yes, they were born the same year and have the same first name; but that’s all they have in common. Everything else they decide to share.

WORKS (work in progress)

  • Valéry, manifeste (novel, 128p, 42x27cm, 250g BKF Rives paper, pigment inkjet printing)
  • Valéry, manifeste (graphic book110p, 42x27cm, 250g BKF Rives paper, black&white pigment inkjet printing) made of scores, posters, photographs and digital drawings.
  • Box (42.5×28.2×6.2cm, cardboard and conservation canvas)