Sans qu’aucun matin (a novel and a film) picks up the story where Tout est vrai left off: Simon, a young adult, has just finished his studies. Now a web and design developer, he’s devoting all his time and energy to developing his application, which will anticipate and even thwart the loss of loved ones through a very simple idea: any new relationship must be thought of as finished, and marked with a date by which it must end. Because “what is ephemeral is always more precious”, he believes. It’s a project he wants to try out in his own life, with his new friends Mircea and Rivière, and which he has named: May no morning ever guarantee the night to come.

But his father and, above all, fate, finally convince him that his project is impractical because it is opposed to life. “No, Simon. When the people you love leave, it’s fate that has separated you from them. It’s fate, you hear me. It’s not you. It’s not them. It’s not a date you would have had hanging over your heads.”

Convinced by his father, he returns to his mother’s footsteps where he imagines the outlines of a new project that he names REBECCA after her.

5 extracts from the movie


Sans qu’aucun matin, withPablo Cobo, Brendan Hains, Barthélémy Pollien, Audrey Bonnet, Mathieu Genet, Valentine Cadic