Sans qu’aucun matin [May no morning ever] is, through a novel and a film, the continuation of Tout est vrai [All is true], the project that gave birth to Simon, who now appears as a young adult. It is through his chosen profession – he designs computer programs – that he tries to resolve the tension that runs through him: both the desire and the apprehension to commit, to grow up and to do. The program that Simon creates, all together intimate, poetic, melancholic and playful, is at the heart of the exhibition, which is populated by objects that reveal its creation: narrative and immersive (video and sound) or more documentary (photographic, epistolary). Visitors can add to – and augment – certain works in the exhibition, which they can also leave with Simon’s application (installed on their smartphone or available on the web), of which they then become experimenters – users. This application can then become part of their life.

Sans qu’aucun matin is a field for exploring the relationships that can be established – the dialogues that can emerge between visual and narrative works. The question of time is central, the time of the narrative and that of the exhibition being dissimilar in principle – the latter being more the responsibility of the visitor than the former, inherent in the work. 

Sans qu’aucun matin is also characterised by the fact that its central object – the program program Rebecca, the project of its protagonist, is made available to the visitor, allowing the experience of the visit to be extended beyond itself. 

Nothing is said, as yet, about the program itself, except that it has a use, a function whose poetic significance and utility depend above all on its user.


  • Rebecca (program for web and mobile)
  • Sans qu’aucun matin [May no morning ever], film (70 min) / sound and video installation (2 screens, 6 loudspeakers)
  • Ivri, series of photographs
  • Sans qu’aucun matin [May no morning ever], novel (142p)
  • Lettres à Rebecca [Letters to Rebecca] (epistolary artworks)
  • Reconstitutions [Reconstructions], series of drawings
  • Etreintes [Embraces] (Rebecca & Simon), series of photographs
  • Etreintes [Embraces] (Rebecca & Pablo), series of photographs
  • Papiers empreints [Marked papers]
  • Posters



Simon has finished his studies and is now devoting all his time and energy to the development of his application, which would connect people – but only for a limited time “because what is ephemeral is always more precious”, he thinks; a project he wants to experience in his own life, with his new friends, Mircea and Rivière, and which he has named: May no morning ever guarantee the night to come. Simon, who quickly understands that his project, although beautiful, is incompatible with life, chooses to change its function. Thus was born Rebecca.

5 extracts from the movie


Sans qu’aucun matin, withPablo Cobo, Brendan Hains, Barthélémy Pollien, Audrey Bonnet, Mathieu Genet, Valentine Cadic