Providence is an installation based on a novel in 3 chapters kept secret in 3 boxes containing, exhibited to the public, 3 airbrush with India ink covers, 11 posters, 14 digital drawings enhanced with pastels, an airbrush with India ink armband, a double page of the novel anonymised by two glasses and tape, the original music of the project on 3 audio cassettes of 90 minutes and a sound installation/reading of the novel lasting 5 hours and 30 minutes.

The visitor of the exhibition does not have access to the novel. He or she can only grasp the story in bits and pieces, through the works on display.


  • Novel in 3 chapters, 140p, 27×20,5cm, 250g BKF Rives paper, pigment inkjet printing
  • Chapter covers : variables dimensions, 250g BKF Rives paper, airbrushed with India ink
  • Box : 33×26,5×13cm, cardboard and conservation canvas
  • Armband : 33×7cm, 250g BKF Rives paper, airbrushed with India ink
  • Posters : 30,9×24cm, 250g Canson Bristol paper, pigment inkjet printing
  • Large format paper : 160×120cm, 180g non-woven wallpaper
  • Reconstructions : series of digital drawings, 30×24cm, 250g Canson Bristol paper, inkjet printing, dry pastels
  • Providence, Music for Work (4 series of musics on 3 90min cassettes)
  • Reading :  sound installation, stereo, on headphones, duration : 5 hours 32 minutes)

Providence, Music for work /7

excerpt (from 01h25 to 01h36) of the novel’s reading (total duration : 5h32)