Giving shape to a text, a novel or a world is a delicate gesture where needs, abilities and desires must be balanced.
Personally, I choose the form of the notebook: an assembly of sheets of paper folded into each other, stapled or sewn together, and intended to receive writings. My notebooks are proposed having received their writings – my texts, then.

Each notebook is produced on demand. Thus, there is no unnecessary storage, no wasted resources, because there are no unsold copies.
I make the notebook myself, a simple and meticulous job.
The text may have evolved since the previous order. Thus, all the copies of an edition trace the history of the text.

The drawings on each cover are original, made with acrylic paint. The photographs below only partially show the vibration between paper and paint, which surprises me at every glance, changing with the light, with the movement of the body and the notebook.
Each edition (of fifty, renewable) is numbered.

The format of the notebooks is deliberately usual: A3 open format – A4 closed, then. The paper used for the internal pages is 80g, a classic for a novel, with a pleasant touch. The cover is produced from coloured Canson paper.
The printing is done by inkjet; the inks used are pigment-based – much more durable than dye-based inks.

The booklets are not guillotined and are therefore limited to forty pages (ten sheets). This is why some of the texts are spread over several notebooks – the occasion for several covers – several drawings, then.

All the texts are designed using the same method: identical font, format and margins, so that the essential part of the page is useful and the text easy to read. Only the covers vary in design and paper colour. Thus, a new text can easily take shape in a new booklet, without any economic constraints interfering. In total freedom.

To conclude: the objective of these notebooks is to make my texts discoverable through “collectable” objects (since they are unique), freed from industrial constraints (of volume and cost). The price of each notebook is voluntarily accessible to all. The list of notebooks is available in the shop. Some texts – and eventually all – are also available free of charge in EPUB format here.

The notebooks can be picked up in person; it is then possible to see them – to choose them before acquiring them, over a coffee; they can also be sent.